Taap Consultancy Social Media Marketing



The principal reason that TAAP was formed was to build and develop new business, new orders and new clients for our customers, that mantra has not changed, we never lose sight of what the end goals should achieve.

The hard work from your side and ours should create and deliver revenue growth and continue to bring on board new and profitable work.

Our background is sales and marketing so we understand that generation of quality leads is what we need to present to you and your sales department.

We have little time for vanity metrics, although we understand that growth and numbers on all your social accounts is important, we want the right numbers that are actionable, we believe this is where our business development and sales skills give us the edge when generating leads and monitoring the social media management activities.

We do have a number clients who ask us to get more involved in their business development strategy and we can discuss this further with you if you wish.